Concept and project development ~ Realization of interiors of any complexity


When you create a room interior the most attention is usually paid to aesthetics and usability to create a comfortable environment. Professional designers usually considering the specifics of making room design, the best usage of the projected spaces and the technical details of the object.We are creating all the details: layout features, air supplying, acoustics, illumination, cladding and the furniture arrangement and all by individual requests from the future users.

Our site provides samples of the most aesthetically and environmentally optimized interiors which created by «Kochanelli».The unique style of the work of our designers based on their abilitieswhich they are using in the highest quality and security of the Russian and foreign construction materials, and the combination of internationally recognized experience and artistic excellence of the Italian masters of design with practicality and solidity of our performance.

Some of the projects presented on the site, implemented jointly by the large-scale production of Russian and Italian companies. As is well known, the Italian style in the design of space dictates a fashion to furniture manufacturers and interior elements for many years.Being essentially a classic style interior decoration, it opens opportunities for making individuality in the interior and even in harsh urban environment brings to life the sun, space, comfort, naturalness, emphasizes the prestige and excellent taste of the owners.

On these pages you will get a complete picture of wide range of options and styles of interior designs «Kochanelli». In developing the design space, we widely use natural materials such as wood, for making wall panels, furniture, doors, coffered ceilings, stairs and flooring.Particular attention has given to different types of processing and decoration of wood. In the "Gallery" section on our site you can find the best works which done by «Kochanelli» over the past few years, and in the contact information section you can contact our advisors to order a unique and modern design of your room.

Get to know our work by looking through the pictures of interior «Kochanelli». Here you can draw creative ideas, stylish, prestigious and modern designs.The wide range of facilities and our experts will help you choose the best design with your taste.