Kochanelli Style

Every connoisseur’s heart is sinking at the thought of Italy. The cradle of artistic splendor of Italian culture has longstanding history and traditions. Italy is real «art gallery» from ancient epochs till latter days.

Italian culture due to its amazing manifoldness, rich heritage and fabulous multiformity has big impact on the world culture, expertly combining imagination and reality, past and present. Italy is considered being peculiar fascinating «country of high inspiration».

The highest artistic talents of Italians reflected in design of interiors. Italian style with a special grace, perfection and high expressiveness enjoys an exceptional reputation throughout the world and has massive success.


By turning over a new leaf in developing of Italian design in Russia, we bring unique ideas and incredible realization of the company Kochanelli. The secret of novel interiors made by Kochanelli consists in incredible connection of art with design. In Kochanelli designs the perception of beauty, color and form appear in tiniest details, that’s why Italian style Kochanelli is in harmony with time and daintily attractive.

The company Kochanelli carries out perfectly harmonious interior decoration by wood made of different elements in the same style (overall unity of style): wall panels, ceilings, doors, stairs, skirting and parquet made of fine wood.

Every Kochanelli interior contains classical Italian pattern of beauty, the origins of its artistic greatness have long history and traditions.

High qualification of experts and level of technical equipment of our manufacture allow creating elements of the interior of any complexity. The finishing of the decors, which are used for artistic decoration of single elements, is performed manually, because it provides elegance, preciosity, sophistication and perfection of our work.