Wall panels

Kochanelli wall panels, retaining subtle notes of natural perfection, attract by its elegance and striking consonance with modern lifestyle. Wall panels create a unique atmosphere of aesthetics, bringing the novel ideas to the interior. During the production of wall panels special attention is paid to decorative and graphic qualities of natural wood grain. Different decoration elements - masterful carving, proficient embossed work, amazing embroidery, astonishing incrustations are real masterpieces, which deserve to be called real Italian work of art.


The basic elements of wall panels are usually made of MDF. MDF sheets are veneered (natural, root of the tree, fine-line). Decorative elements such as architraves, borders, cornices, pilasters, medallions are made of solid wood of valuable species


Design of Kochanelli doors are marked by academism and moderation. The doors made of massive fine wood carry warmth, rich and perfect power of living tree, which, by all means, is a model of style and quality. Combination of different methods of decoration makes it possible to harmoniously fit the door in general interior conception. According the Italian tradition decorating is quite often performed manually.


The doors are engineered and manufactured mainly from oak on individual projects, usually along with wall panels and floor. Decorating techniques such as incrustations, carving, insert, toning, gold-plating, enamel.


Caissons brings grace and elegance, special charm and mood in interior. Design of caissons Kochanelli seamlessly combines the spirit of traditions and modern technologies, allowing correctly organize the space of the ceiling. The profusion of decorating elements provides a great variety of forms of caisson ceilings, allowing fill up wall panels and parquet, thereby giving finality to the splendid interior.


Caissons are made mainly of massive fine wood and wood veneer. Such techniques as painting, carving, incrustation, wood ageing, gold-plating and many others are used for composition styling.


Мassive board and artistic modules are traditional materials for flooring since the Middle Ages, the model of luxury interior. Kochanelli produces flooring on individual projects with special technologies of wood processing. Technical equipment of our manufacture provides the creation of unique products, which combine elegant style and old traditions of Italian masters. Kochanelli flooring is distinguished by its stability during the exploitation and for perfection of geometrical pattern. Impeccability of work provides the highest quality of flooring together with minimal labor and time expenditures.


Brushing, scraping, heat processing, scorching and many other types of processing provide huge opportunities for creation of exclusive interior. The unique technology stained samples with UV-drying significantly widen the color-grade of natural wood tinctures.